Knitting Paragon

KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday LB

Another year older. And more wise? She likes to cross stitch, read and garden. Past president of her local garden club and currently an active member. She enjoys being outside and works full-time. LB helps our mom take care of horses and has many dogs and cats.

Have a Happy one LB! You're my favorite sister.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

And what's this?

I started knitting with that one skein of charcoal black alpaca I got a while back. A lacy cowl seemed to be calling me. But after knitting only an inch or so, I am bored. Call me crazy, but if it does not feel right, if a project is speaking to me, I am going to set it aside. Seems rather unfair, but I know it will find it's way back to the needles for either the same project, or something new.

The yarn is lucious to handle though! I mean to say, much softness here. Never knitted with anything like it. Not being a die-hard all natural knitter (financial reasons) and all...this was my virgin alpaca experience.

The sock is coming along nicely. Knitted a few during lunch break once this week. The photo does not quite capture the wide ribbing for the "body" of the sock, but we tried.

Here is Boy A's little hands trying to help me.

This is a little something I started this afternoon. Using up some stash for Fuzzy Feet for me. My felted clogs are nearly crapped out. They have served me well. I completed them last year shortly before Christmas and wore them, for the first time, on Christmas eve.

Is this sad or what?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Christmas Season has just begun

Since Advent takes us right up to Christmas and the Season of Christmas continues well into January, it seems quite appropriate to share some photos.

After grandma, aunt and uncle came, this is only some of the presents they brought. The others would not fit near the tree and had to be moved so there could be a path through the living room and "office."

The toy for the big boy of the house had some assembly required. (a table saw)
In case you were wondering, there is seldom a photo of me at Christmas because I am the one usually behind the camera (smile).

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Aaah, an extra holiday

This is a short work week. Three days. Whoohoo. Next week will also be shortened to three days.

As for knitting content, I started this on the evening of the 23rd. Worked on it a lot on Christmas eve (while my mom, brother, sister, husband and the boys watched "Cars." Well, I watched too). But, on Christmas day, my left thumb protested. Shortly before leaving for 10:30 a.m. mass, it got all out-of-joint and decided to cause pain throughout the day and evening. The thumb kept me from knitting. I know, it is truly hard to believe. Serious pain would be one of the few things that would keep me from knitting.

At the in-laws last night, Boy B got sick. (This seems to be a trend, Boy A got sick while there on Thanksgiving day).


Boy B began puking his guts out and proceeded to do that 4 times in under an hour. We packed up to head home with puke bucket, wash cloth and tissues in hand. He then proceeded to puke another 4 or 5 times with the grand finale of dry heaves. He slept in the car for about 20 minutes and went straight to bed with me who was thoroughly car sick from riding in the back with the T.V. on.

We slept well until I awoke to D.H. running from the living room to grab Boy A from the top bunk and dash around the corner, into the bath, just in time for him to puke in the toilet. They then went to the couch for the remainder of the night and Boy A puked one more time.


The knit is back. After wrapping my hand and therefore, imbolizing the thumb, it felt much better today, although range of motion is not completed restored, I have been able to knit. Thank God.

Monday, December 25, 2006

A time for sharing

In a previous post a while back I mentioned that I have had the pleasure of teaching some very talented and giving ladies to knit. These two wonderful women were once co-workers of mine. The first picture is of two finished Sophie bags. Knitted and felted by K.C. She made them for friends.

The following hats were made up by P.S. (she's the one who made those great felted mittens/stockings for her family). She made this line of hats for a family that one of her son's class "adopted." This picture reminds me of some I have seen in magazines. Just makes me smile.

This photo is P.S.'s kids modeling the other items she made for gifts. This is a neat idea: this year, her family is exchanging hats, scarves and socks. (hello, knitter's dream!)

Merry Christmas all! Enjoy your day and smile when you see the kids playing with all their new stuff.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


This is the surprise I have been working on. It really is not much, but it's the small things in my life, really.

Can you guess what it is?

Well, here's a hint: Click on this blog link (and scroll down a bit).

Still don't know? Here is another pic. This is my first attempt at a sock without a pattern. I am using the general sock knitting directions from this prolific (and talented!) writer/blogger/knitter. Specifically the book, Knitting Rules!

If you have not added this book to your library. You are truly missing out. It is not for the knitting patterns but for the comic writing related to this fantastic lifestyle we knitters love. Ask Santa, there's still time.

Ho Ho Ho

Three pairs of FiberTrends felted clogs finished for the men of the house. Boy A's (red and blue) are a bit long, but he approves and knows they will fit him for a while. Boy B (orange and blue) wants to wear his now and DH hopes they don't make his feet sweat (frankly, so do I).

Here are the single pictures that each of these clogs deserve.

My sister made the comment that the pictures I took at my mom's family Christmas celebration, "would end up on her blog," was true to form. Several were taken of one of my cousins who has a talent for falling asleep in the midst of chaos. (my husband can do this too and it actually makes me jealous; it takes me a combination of some serious tiredness, near silence and something to read--unless there a television show on that I have been looking forward to watching for weeks...then I can pass out without any trouble. Go figure). No pictures of the party today. Blogger will not upload any more on this entry. I just do not understand that.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Boy A's pre-felted clogs

These have been completed for well over a week. I am just slow to blog.

I just had to take another picture of all three pairs before felting:

Felting went well on Friday, except for Boy B's orange and blue pair. I had a feeling that using two different brands of wool could pose a problem in felting speed. Sure enough. The orange felted much faster than the blue and I had to even pull them from the washer early. I am not disappointed with the blue yarn, but because I could not let it felt as much as I would've liked...they will probably wear out sooner than they should. The only solace is that Boy B does not like to wear things on his feet so I doubt he'll wear them much anyway.

Boy A, on the other hand, will probably wear his a lot. His red and blue pair could be felted more both to make the fabric denser and they are a bit too large TODAY. But, being nearly 5-years-old we know they won't be too big for too long!

Lastly, Dear Husband's fit wonderfully. He had a cute little grin when he wore the wet-bottomed thing up the stairs to show me. (I think that means he's happy with them.) His only comment was, "I'll be curious to see if my feet sweat in them." I told him that my feet always did in synthetic slippers too, but have never, ever sweat in the wool.

We are off to southwestern Michigan today for my mom's side of the family Christmas gathering. We all bring dishes to pass...usually lots of appetizers and desserts. My mom has brought homemade gifts for all of her grand nieces and nephews (and her grand children). The kids under 18 will have other presents to open as well. Good times for all. The weather is a warm 40+ degrees and a bit rainy, so the two hour drive should be no trouble at all.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tis the Season

It was only a matter of time for me to contract the crud that has been floating around our house for nearly a month. Sure enough. The thickening in the throat began a few days ago and by Thursday the cough and chest congestion is set in.

All I could think of was that commercial with the green globby guys "moving in" until...Mucinex (or whatever).

I have two more photos of the stash building to share. When I posted the last pics, these just would not upload. Who knows why?

These were my favorites from the goodies my friend gave me. The bag of three hanks is...are you ready for this?

I have not only never owned a real silk garment, but certainly never knitted with silk. And I cannot wait. Although, I have to do some research to determine what I can make with the amount I have. I was thinking about a pretty lacy (easy lace) wide scarf/shawl.

In the meantime, I have started another fun project and since I was home all day yesterday coughing and carrying on I got a good dent into the first (of the four fun's a secret for now).

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Stash building

A good friend gave me a bunch of fun yarns. (Keep scrolling to see the pics.) But first, I want to write about friends.

It is so easy to know who your friends are:

They are those women (or sometimes men) who call shortly after you have thought about them.

They are those who go out of their way to meet you for coffee.

They are those who bring you homemade soup when they noticed you are not feeling quite yourself.

They are those who are never embarrassed when sitting with you knitting in public.

They are those who will set you straight when you're on a rant about something ultimately insignificant.

They are those who allow you to do for them.

They are those who do not think you are weird because you crave knitting and all that it is.

They are those who notice you need some time away from your children and take the kids for an evening.

They are those who you can count on for practically anything...

And they are those who give you good yarn!

That said...

There are a few more pictures, of even better yarn, that will not upload (is there a limit??) I'll try again this evening. Ugh.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

KNIT something for a woman and...

she'll be warm for a while. TEACH a woman to knit and she'll be warm for a lifetime.

Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of teaching a few co-workers to knit. The first showed an interest and after talking about how much I have enjoyed making things for family and friends, she started with her first cotton dishcloth. She began knitting at breaks and lunch time. As many of us, she began looking for free patterns and began building a fledgling stash.

The second friend, at this workplace, was rather adamant to not learn to knit. No problem. I understand the life of a full-time working mom who already has at least one other hobby (scrapbooking). No pressure. I come from the mindset that if you want to learn, you will show an interest and take an initiative. Knitting should not be forced. Afterall, it is a quieting, calming, soothing sort of thing.

Time passes and this second friend decides that she does, in fact, want to learn to knit. She likes the idea of portability that scrapbooking does not offer. Hence, another has been assimilated. The following picture is the felted mittens (Christmas stockings) for herself, hubby and two boys.

Great job, Grasshopper! You should be terribly proud, I certainly am!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

FOs and WIP

FO = Finished Object(s)
I could not remember if I posted a picture of Boy B's finished (pre-felted) pair of clogs so here it is.

WIP = Work In Progress
Boy A's first of his pair still needs the second sole knitted and "sewn" onto this WIP:

The surprise object(s) has been stewing in my brain and I plan to start spewing it out this weekend. While I could easily be one of those people who starts a project before completing another (by saying that, I'm saying that I am actually one of those people), I really want/need to get Boy A's red and blue clogs finished before casting on the surprise(s). Mostly because Boy A deserves that his are finished the same as his brother's.

That said, I need to go now and knit.