Knitting Paragon

KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It is coming...eventually

I am a winter person. I look better in cool colors, I love snow storms, I love to wear mittens and scarves and I love goofy hats on kids. I love it when it is cold enough at night to dig out the Hudson Bay Company blanket and wear those warm felted clogs on my chilly feet. They need to take a long hot (and rough and tumble) bath to really finish them off and I cannot wait.

This evening we had a storm pass through that is supposed to bring some cooler weather. It has been hot and humid for quite some time and I get just plain ole' grumpy in the heat and look forward to changing colors, crunchy leaves, jean jackets and all that goes with fall.

A little stash enhancement happened last week. I had the opportunity to sneak out of work early on Friday (don't tell the bosses) and meet up with some girl friends from my old town for dinner out and take in the Lugnuts baseball game. But first, I stopped at the LYS (by local I mean 35 minutes away) for their annual ginormous sale. It had started on Thursday and I contemplated waiting until Saturday, but thankfully I came to my senses! They were somewhat picked over for what I had in mind to get, Aurora 8, but of course I changed my mind.

This picture is horrible, but the yarn is lovely. Blueberry Hill Sockittome by Cherry Tree Hill and I have never been so indulgent. I now need to find a sock pattern to run with with this. It has wonderful varied shades of violets, plums, teals, midnight blue and burgundy. Oooh luscious.

But wait, there's more.

This Rio De La Plata kettle dyed handspun 100% wool was a steal. Whoa mama, it was regularly $12.50 and in my home for five bucks each! This photo does not do it justice. It is great shade of deep violet to the palest lavender. It practically jumped into my basket screaming, "Sophie Bag, Sophie Bag." (I have made a bulky version of the Sophie on size US 13 needles and love the size).

But wait, there's even more.

Lastly, is five balls of "Cyprus Mohair." Again, jewel tones of blues and purples twisted with black. I am often leery of mohair as my experience is it can be itchy, but a sample scarf was available for fondling and I did just that. I see a scarf and possibly enough for some fingerless mitts. But even if I only make a scarf these were also a steal. Regularly $6.50 for under $2.00 each! It was like getting away with something naughty. Muuuwhaaaa.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to our family

Snips, snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of...

This little guy is Evan. He came home from the boys' first fishing trip in a large coffee can. Since Evan survived, it seemed only fitting that he should get the treatment in his new home. He now is living in a predator-free environment. It is a rather large tank with all the fix'ins (including live crickets) that cost more than most outfits I buy. Evan has inspired me to want to write a series of books about a traveling frog. J.K. Rowling watch out.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Like father, like son(s)

It could be a papa duck and his ducklings; it could be follow-the-leader; it could be monkey see, monkey do; it could be men in training.

You pick.

I pick just plain cute.

Aaaah, the beach life

There is not much to compare to relaxing at the beach. Sunny days and cool nights.

We had nearly perfect weather. Of the nine days we were up north it rained for a few hours one day, and Michigan needs rain, so we did not complain. The above photos are taken at Burt Lake State Park. Burt Lake, the fourth largest inland lake in Michigan, was gorgeous as always. Boy B is sporting the push-up pose and Boy A is deep in thought as usual. Lake Michigan was, at least at Petoskey State Park, sadly low by probably two feet. An abundance of algae available at the park for probably the first 50 feet from the beach, but the boys braved it nevertheless. Boy B kept calling it "L G" (say it out loud and you'll understand the humor there.)

I spent some time knitting, quite a bit of time reading the fourth Harry Potter book, "The Goblet of Fire," bike riding, and generally playing with the boys. Dear Husband did some homework, quite a few naps and a little golf. He also did most of the water duty with the boys. Boy B is becoming a pretty good swimmer. Boy A is still working on his confidence and liked wearing the arm swimmies.

The second sock for DH is nearly finished. I am decreasing the toe and will probably finish that before the weekend. I have socks on the brain, so I am thinking of casting on another pair (for me this time). I want to use the Fixation yarn I have, but have read some blogs that indicate that this yarn is rather different to knit with, so I think I will knit my first (insert GASP! here) sock swatch. The boys and I are going out of town again this weekend. We're heading north again to a friend's cottage for only one night, but they have want to go fishing, so we are going fishing. I intend to have the sock ready for serious boat knitting.

Speaking of boating. Oh my, what an adventure we had last week! We rented a pontoon for a day and took it along the Inland Waterway, which includes (but not limited to) Crooked Lake, Pickerall Lake, Burt Lake, many channels and Lake Huron. If you go from (or to) Lake Huron you have to go through a lock. There is also a small lock between Crooked Lake and Crooked River. The lock was a neat experience, but that isn't the adventure of which I speak. The adventure would be getting out on Burt Lake (remember I said it's the fourth largest inland lake?) with three foot waves and four children under the age of nine. (Friends of ours joined us who have two girls, girls that scream. Hear me saying...boys just don't scream that much). We started taking on some serious water. Once I slapped some sense into DH, who thought the whole thing was cool, he slowed down. By that time, we were literally in the middle of the lake and had to ride these waves into some serious sea sickness. Boy A was in tears thinking we were going to sink. Boy B was uncontrollably giggling and I was slowly turning green and praying I wasn't going to see that cold cut sandwich I ate for lunch.

Good times.