Knitting Paragon

KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is blogging a drag?

Or is summer just too much fun?

Blogging is not exactly a drag, but it is easy to drop the habit. I am now volunteering layout and design of our parish newsletter, which includes interviewing and writing a few features each quarter. We have had a somewhat busy summer with one week-long camping trip under out belts and a short one semi-planned for this coming weekend (and a few extra days).

I have not knit much since probably May. The afghan of varying squares is still in the works. I did complete a few of those. I have finished one dishrag (have not weaved in the ends), and have knit on the second of a pair of socks. I am near the finish line of that.

Books have kept me busy this summer. I have read something like five Nora Roberts and am currently into the latest from Mary Higgins Clark. For some, reading five books seems so small. I know people who can read a book in a weekend. I hate those people. I only wish I could do that. I can, if you count Good Night Moon.

Our Michigan weather has been such a pleasant surprise this summer. For many people it has been too cold and "not a summer at all!" But to me it has been wonderful. We have had very few hot and humid days and many more cooler and breezy days. We have had our air conditioning off for days now and it is wonderful sleeping weather. Today it has become overcast and chilly. It really feels like fall is just around the corner, even though I know it really isn't. It does make for a desire to knit.

The next project I would like to start is the sweater for D.H. I have Paton's Classic Merino wool in a rusty-red color and the cabled joby that I hope is not the death of me to complete. The Scarf Style book has a few intriguing patterns in it that I have thought about making. I certainly have something from the stash that could serve as a great scarf. I would like to make some more mittens and hats for charity and have an Irish Hiking scarf to finish that D.H. has been eye-balling since I cast on.

Given that you haven't read a post from this blog since April I don't want to overwhelm you too much by being gabby. There are pictures I should upload to share how tall the boys are now. First grade is just around the corner. (yeah! for mom) And now my sister can't yell at me for not updating my blog since, FOREVER!