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Sunday, April 15, 2007

We're moving...again

Yes, it is true. We are moving. Again. The weekend of April 28 is our goal to truck things from this house to the "new" one.

Our address is not changing much either. Just enough to keep everyone on their toes. We're moving right



Yes, you read that right. We're moving into the house right next to us and here's the reasons why: It's a little bit bigger. It's got a finished (completely!) basement, it has a second full bath, new siding, newer windows, and a DISHWASHER! Okay, the dishwasher isn't really a reason for us moving there, but it helps.

The house has hardwood floors throughout, except for the bath and kitchen, which are ceramic tile. The basement has the same ceramic tile and is a very nice barely off-white--white. The two bedrooms upstairs as well as the living room both need a good paint job, which we'll do after moving in. The basement has a huge full bath that has an extra-large shower stall (no tub) and the vanity is really nice. It has 6 drawers (big drawers!) so I have already claimed it as, "mom and dad's bathroom." The upstairs bath is nice, it's got the good ole' blue tile in the tub area, but there is a pedestal sink with enough floor space that the boys' step stool can stay in there and still be out of the way!

We went out and bought (for the first time since we have been married) a nice dining set. It's an oval oak table with 6 chairs. We get that next Friday and it will look so nice in the finished dining room. That room is quite large and has been tastefully decorated including a chair-rail. It's got a nice sized pantry in there and plenty of room for a buffet when we decide to make another large purchase.

Okay, enough about the new house. I'll leave you with this: Imagine us literally carrying things down the sidewalk to the house next door and not having to load things onto a truck. Heeee. One other thing, is there any rule about whether you need to remove your sheets from mattresses when you're only carrying them across your backyards? Hmmmmm. What do you think?


At 9:41 PM, Blogger Ewe-niss said...

Too funny! the neighbors will be scratching their heads over this one.

Leave the sheets on. That is my vote.

Also lets see how many times you pull into the wrong driveway after the move!


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