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Friday, March 09, 2007

Blogger is being stupid

I have decided, and I will admit, in writing, I am a slacker. Although, I have some great reasons (alright--excuses) for why I have not put any pictures up and have not posted regularly. Two of those reasons are Boy A and Boy B. Boy B has especially been fighting some sort of crud (or better expressed as a train of crud--one car after another, after another, and so on).

Another reason (alright, excuse. Stop badgering me!) is a full time job outside the home. A 40-hour job that feels like 60 hours. Unfortunately, I cannot even say I have been knitting instead of posting! (Loser.) Although, I did finish DH's ribbed hat and after he wore his old hat when snow blowing this week, I figured he doesn't like the new hat. He assured me he likes it so much, he does not want to, "get it all gas-smelly."

I have not taken a picture of the ribbed hat and DH has stolen, I mean, borrowed my camera, printer, and photo paper for a big work event that will consume his life today and tomorrow (and all night). Let's just say it involves about a zillion middle schoolers, music, dancing, Mass, and general pubescent fun.

Back to my reasons for slacking. (okay! excuses) I had surgery again. Without the details, this was a bit more involved, but still outpatient and completed with only sedation. Nevertheless, I am home today still resting. I am hoping to get a felted clog finished.

I have tried, for two days, to upload a picture. Any picture, and stupid Blogger will not upload for who knows why. I should know since this is free. What do I want? Perfection? I think not. So, I apologize for more text and no pictures.

P.S. have you seen that the MagKnits and Knitty both have new patterns available?


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