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KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Serious case of indecision

Happy 2007 everyone!

I am starting off the year right. I have at least three knitting projects on needles and seem to be incapable of deciding which should be finished first. Well, that isn't completely true. I have a baby sweater in the works. The Circle I joined at our new parish is having a baby shower for a local women's charity. The shower is Monday evening; I started the baby sweater yesterday.

Think I can finish it? If if I stay online longer, I won't! Here is a picture of my progress since yesterday late morning:

I know, it looks funny, but it will piece together correctly when the other front is finished (I hope).

There is an old saying that whatever you are doing on the first day of the new year you will be doing all year long. If that is true, we will be going to the movies (we saw, "Pursuit of Happyness") a lot (good, I love doing that), and I will be knitting (no brainer, I'd say).

Tonight is Knitting Night at K's. Whooohooo. Must go, must knit.


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