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Monday, January 08, 2007

Baby sweater woes

Ever consider that the higher power is a dirty player of tricks? Yeah, me either, until I tried to finish a simple baby sweater.

Sure, I had a tight deadline, sure I had to work full time and be a mom who still does dishes by hand, sure I have had doctor appointments and events after work hours to attend; but come on! it's a BABY sweater.

To those who knew about this little project and my deadline of this evening will be sniggering (okay, screaming with laughter) at the fact that it must NOT be finished. It was a perfectly reasonable deadline.

The first pattern that I began knitting on New Year Eve went with me to Knitting Night on Tuesday. I knew things were bad then, but I kept plugging away and after going through the pattern several times and "walking" through the knitted piece I still cannot find my error(s). Mind you, this is a pattern that I have made before without problems. Twice in fact.

So, on Wednesday evening, after repeating the "walking" through the knitted piece several more times, I decided to chuck it aside and begin anew. I frantically tore through magazines and patterns to find a simple stitch, worsted weight, easily assembled baby sweater. Found it! Okay, here we go again. Started knitting away, zoomed through the back, finally finished the front last night and stayed up until after 10 p.m. finishing the sleeves. (Cute thing, really, seed stitch instead of the normal ribbing).

Not cute enough.

I knitted the d*mn thing to specs (I swear) and low and behold it is like a sweater dress with short sleeves! And not a sweater dress with any shape to it.

Enough said? I thought so.

Now get off the floor and move on. I have.


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