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KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Much needed knitting pictures

I have been putting off pics for too long. Here are some to catch up from what I have been telling you about.

Gynormus Fuzzy Feet slipper to be felted. A little story for those of you who know me and my fetish for pens, as I worked on the first Fuzzy Feet I grabbed one of several pens I have in my knitting notions bag and low and behold it is the same green and bright blue that I'm knitting with! No joke. Pantone could not have made a better match. Since number two of the pair is nearly finished, I'll take a photo of that one with it's sidekick, The Pen and you can decide for yourself. (By the way, the second Fuzzy Feet has been on hold to finish the kids’ mittens that were of higher priority. (We finally got some real Michigan winter weather.) Try this pattern. The only error I found (and it may be correct since mine I printed a long time ago) is when you divide for the heel it says to knit 10 when, in fact, you will knit 20.

The two pairs of mittens for the boys: red for Boy A and black for Boy B. The red have been worn daily for the past week, the black were taken to school today, but the wind chill proved too cold for outside recess. The red pair are from Paton's Classic Merino wool and the black from Cascade 220. As I mentioned in a previous post, it was nice to knit with real wool on "regular-sized" needles as I have done so much felting with real wool, therefore, using the kindergarten pencil-sized needles, size 11 and up. I knitted these using an old mitten pattern a friend gave me that I have used for every pair of the boys' mittens over the years. It is a nice pattern that has sizes ranging from 2-year-old to men's. It can either be worked in the round or as I did, flat. I knit both mittens at the same time to ensure the same size and it makes me feel like I finish faster. I will tell you the author/maker of the pattern another time. It is late; I'm chilled and ready to dive under the covers.


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