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Monday, October 02, 2006

Alert the media

Made to order. Made to fit. Fit like a


like a glove baby!

The pattern notes are still notes. These fit me and I don't have those tiny, dainty, girly hands. This is why I'm so excited that they fit. The side of my brain that says I can, not only write this pattern--but can write it for many sizes is dreaming of adding this to a long list of life, for example: other knitting (lots!), learning a new 8-5 job, keeping up a house and raising twin boys (and being a wife is squeezed in there somewhere). Clearly, this side of my brain is the side that takes on more than the rest of me can chew. Why is that? It must be the side of my brain that also cannot say no. Hmmmm.

That said, a pattern for the fingerless mitts will magically appear one day. What day? Who knows.

Another thing I was thinking about this evening while running from work to pick up the boys at daycare is how many of the knitting bloggers seem to be Super Knitters. Is there some sort of legal drug they consume enabling them to knit faster than me? Many of these women knit intricate lace shawls faster than I can knit a baby hat in the round. What is UP with THAT? Maybe the drug is not legal...

While reading some of my favorite knitting blogs tonight. I found this cute Halloween/trick or treat bag (scroll down a bit). This is one of those things I'd like to knit for the boys before their "too old" for snarking candy from neighbors (and some strangers) But for this Halloween, these probably won't be happening. I would, however, consider this year if I already have orange and black wool.

Another charity hat is on the needles at less than a inch. Making a simple 2x2 rib hat knitting on straights. I love the colors of the variegated yarn mom gave me for the project. Mittens should follow...time permitting.

Another pic of the mitts. I'm lovin' them!


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