Knitting Paragon

KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Mindless knitting equals trouble

So I'm knitting along last night on the intarsia heart square turned seed stitch heart square completely unknowing that I should be at the point to begin the seed stitch heart. This morning (well over 10 hours later) I realize that I have probably gone past the point and tonight I will probably have to tear out and start again. Well, I guess this square is going to be a challenge from the cast on! Whooo.

Hey, I've got probably over 100 more squares to go...what's the rush?

I've been itching to start something new with what yarn I have. I do have the yarn to make a Sophie bag (a felted cutie purse) but since I've made one, I'm not overly geeked to get that started. I really want to do the Daypack backpack but don't have the yarn!


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