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KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The long weekend

This evening will be the beginning of the extended holiday weekend. The family is going camping along-side horses. It's supposed to storm and rain a lot, so it is yet to be seen if we'll make it long stuck in a small camper with twin 3-year-old boys! Especially without electricity. Watching Barney, Thomas the Train or Stuart Little gets interesting without electricity! It just won't be the same!
I hope to get some knitting done, but I also hope to take time to read. I'm in the middle of two books. Very different books, that's why I can handle reading two "at the same time." (not literally, of course!). One is Lucky by Alice Sebold and the other is, Rebecca by Orson Scott Card. I'm quite certain I won't finish either book, but I've enjoyed them thoroughly so far.
Lastly, on this trip, I hope to get some rest and kick this head cold out of my body! I hope my husband rests as well as he's leaving first thing Tuesday morning and driving his mother-in-law (my mom!) and aunt-in-law (my aunt) to North Carolina for the rest of the week! Leaving me home with the boys to be a single mom for a week. More on that later...


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