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Monday, October 01, 2007

Socks, stash and a blanket

Do not adjust your computers. Blurry picture not the fault of your set.
My sock in progress is coming along. This is my first stepping out of my comfort zone sock. The pattern is free at Knitty and can be found here.

Like many knitters, I have quite a stash. Not just of yarn but also of patterns. I love them nearly as much as the yarn. For many years I have liked magazines and books. Years ago, before I took up knitting to my current (obsessive) level, I bought Family Circle Easy Knitting magazines whenever I found them in stores. Eventually, a subscription was necessary.

I could not get enough of looking at the pictures and reading the articles. Something about how those garments looked and how they were hand made just amazed me. Certainly, I would not be able to make any of them, or if any, very few. Mittens, hats, scarves, yes, but lace, socks, and sweaters? No way.

Times, they are a changin’.

This past Labor Day weekend I finally decided to try one of the many patterns I often look at and started this sock. I zipped along the top with little trouble and truly, the pattern is not difficult. I zoomed along past the heel and gusset and now working on the foot. I am not sure why I was ever thinking I could not do this.

Here is another pattern that intrigues me and I know lots of the online world is making Monkeys. I also love the Embossed Leaves from Interweave Knits that this blogger made this summer. Both patterns seem to intimidate me a bit, but if ya’all can do it, I guess I can. If nothing else, I can appreciate the thought, the math, the work, the fiber, the time and the...everything that goes into these sorts of patterns. I will remind myself of that comment when I am ripping out, throwing my needles and a tangled start of a sock across the room and starting over.

This is Boy A’s blanket. The multi-directional scarf pattern is the base of this first square. The plan is to finish the short row square and then “frame” the edges with solid burgundy. Frankly, this square is going fairly quickly, even including that I had to rip out I would say, four gazillion yards. Even given that, it seems to be going along faster than did Boy B’s blanket. That might be because I have only had to work garter stitch the whole time. I also have no other looming projects on my plate.

Socks in progress do not count, Repeat After Me: there should always be a sock on the needles. Always. Very go get one started.


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