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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The boys are back!

Full day kindergarten is truly a joy. They had an "out of uniform" day the first day of school and it was a half day. They began wearing their uniforms the second day of school and I could not believe how grown up they look. Like little school boys (duh)!

Their uniforms have to be navy pants (or shorts), either white or red shirt (long or short sleeves). Thankfully, Boy A's favorite color is red and Boy B doesn't care what he wears. Whew.

Now for some true colors to show:

And now for the long awaited...knitting!

Finished socks for Dear Husband and a Broadripple sock (free pattern here) started for me using Cascade Fixation. I have since turned the heel and am past the gusset. I had a night of making fleece tie blankets for the boys' rest time in the afternoons. They could not take their bedtime blankies and leave them at school so grandma bought them new fleece and I cut and tied them one evening. That hacked out some serious sock knitting time.

To add insult to injury, it is looking like the sock is not going to fit me. I am liking the way the pattern of the top looks to be a fingerless mitten though. I feel a conversion of pattern coming on. Still, the disappointment of the sock not fitting me is deep. Two options have occurred to me. One being I could add a few stitches to the lace pattern, but to make it turn out correctly that would be several stitches and I have heard that a few stitches can make a big difference with a sock and its ability to stay up. The other option is to go up a needle size. These options end up not really being options at all when I only have two balls of this yarn and fear that I am not going to have enough as it is let alone after monkeying around.

To any experienced sock knitter out there, what would you do? I should just accept the fact that someone else is going to enjoy these nice socks, shouldn't I

Darn swatch goddess. She really isn't joking around. (Graphic content: to those reading, I did not do a swatch. GASP! End of graphic content)


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous paulette said...

So....I'm thinking those socks might look lovely on my feet!! :)


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