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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is that you, Harry?

a Hufflepuff!

Clearly this is the talk of the blogging town. It is just remarkable to me that a series of books have touched so many lives, not just young, but of all ages. I also would have never thought I would be a Hufflepuff, I thought for sure I would be a Gryffindor. If you want some fun free Harry Potter patterns and need to know the House Colors go here and make some for charity, you and yours!

Personally, I am reading book four, The Goblet of Fire and my awesome mom picked up books five and six and I am happily awaiting until book seven is released in paperback.

On the knitting front, I still have a blue and yellow blankie on the needles for Boy B and sock number two (for Dear Hubbo) is beyond the turning of the heel. I zoomed through several dishrags from an old pattern from a friend's mom. It utilizes short rows, ends up round and turns out the perfect size for one hand (just what I like in a dishrag).

I have had the pleasure of hosting a friend at my house once a week for knitting. She knew how to knit and purl before coming over, but has really taken off with finishing some projects and she has knitted countless dish cloths.

I have gotten familiar with our local library and have found some great knitting books. I currently have Big Girl Knits. It's very fun. It has some really nice patterns. The big (no pun intended) question is not whether I want to make one of these patterns, or whether I can make one of them, it's more of whether I can afford to make one. It is fun to dream, however.

We are escaping south central Michigan for the upper lower (Michiganders, you know what I mean). We are heading north for some much needed time together. After the incident last week, that shook my world (and I think probably shook us more than the boys) we need this break. (for those who do not know about the incident, Boy A was left at a city park by the daycare provider. The daycare was unaware that he was left behind, until the police contacted them, over an hour after leaving the park! I was at my office when I received a call from an officer who (thankfully) told me everything was fine, but that he was with Boy A at the park...the most important thing is he is fine and our worse nightmare did not come true for us that afternoon.)

So, we are off to the north on Saturday for the WHOLE week. We are taking bikes, swim suits, golf clubs, books and, what else? OH YEAH, knitting. We are staying at my in-laws "big house" that is in a golf course development (they rent it to vacationers) and I plan to spend at least a few days at Lake Michigan and/or Burt Lake.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger Ewe-niss said...

Hey, Jenifer! The original pattern of my bag is the Himalaya Tote
by Jill Vosburg. Found at

The Retro Tote isn't felted. It is made of big heavy yucky acrylic rug yarn that was in our guild stash. I did make the first one out of recycled silk yarn. Loved the pattern and then adjusted the number of stitches for my gauge with rug yarn. You could do a felted version of it, but I would use much larger sized needles. Sorry I didn't have your direct email address.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Ewe-niss said...

Please have a great vacation! That is a lovely area that you are going to, but then again most places away from home in Michigan are lovely :-)

How do you shake off the incident in the park???? Thankful and grateful of course, but that would be extremely scary. As a mom I always try to eliminate the 'what ifs' - you know, "what if I hadn't caught them doing blank then blank would have happened." I and any one could put myself in a permanent tizzy.

Give extra hugs to your children and go have a fabulous vacation!


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