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KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today my youngest brother-in-law, Matt (Monk) is legal and it cannot be possible. I first met him when he was a wee 4-year-old. We have watched him play a lot of basketball, meet a lot of girls, graduate from high school and move on to college. Now a junior studying occupational therapy and an all-around nice young man. I know, he's cute too.

I had to be fair and had to upload two pictures from this summer. One with Boy B (first photo) and one with Boy A (second photo). These were taken at my inlaw's home in northern Michigan and the "boys" were enjoying milk and sweet treats. One of the many things I have always been able to count on with my husband's family is they can exist on milk and sweets, such as cake, brownies, cookies, etc. I will have to share some of the other things that I know to be true, but tonight is all about our new drinking-age brother. Have a great one, Matt, and remember to give away the keys tonight!


At 1:35 AM, Blogger peachy said...

im excited to check your blog if you posted some entries...hopefully i can make my own blog here too!

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Cher said...

Dang Jen, where have you been hiding Matt? Way cute.

You can tell he is Brian's bro.


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