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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sick child and a long weekend

We finally had to take Boy A to urgent care yesterday. Daddy took him while I stayed with Boy B. Not feeling all that hot myself, Boy B played outside in the unusually warm weather while I argued with him about the need for wearing shoes.

Boy A has an ear infection, but ate a good meal last night (DH made homemade mac & cheese). Boy A has been sleeping with mom and dad for three nights so we can be ready if the coughing fits turn into puking fits. Yeah. He'll be on the mend before we can blink an eye. So much for a extra long weekend to get a lot of knitting accomplished. As I mentioned, I'm not feeling quite myself, but have knitted a bit here and there and took a few pictures yesterday outside on the deck.

The second of Boy B's orange and blue clog is moving along. As I suspected, there will be plenty of yarn. I took a picture of his first finished clog with the tags from the yarn hanks. The blue yarn's tag is difficult to read. It is Bartlett Yarns and I have never used this yarn before. It seems to be the old scratchy wool I hated as a kid. But, rumor has it, it felts up nicely. It's should. The condundrum for me is whether I keep the left over hank or return it. Since it is so scratchy--a scarf it will never be. If it cannot be used for a wearable, what else could it be used for? Anything felted of course...but I have lots of wool.

Here is really the question: Do knitters return unused hanks of yarn?

A new knitter might not because they're building their stash and this is a good way to accomplish that. But a knitter who has a stash (and a conscience) might want to so as to purchase something new and different to make a specific item. That said, what will I do? When a knitter already possess wool for both felting and wearables and wants to make, say something with Koigu should said knitter return the one (or two) hanks of scratchy yarn?

On the other hand, the orange is a new Cascade (at least new to my LYS). Cascade 128. It is a bulky (although, not hugely bulky) and is 128 yards. I love that about Cascade yarns. What you read is what you get! Cascade 220 is 220 yards. It isn't that it is so clever, but it's that a yarn company was brave enough to simply name their yarn what it is. Love that. If you have never knitted with Cascade 220 or this 128. You must. Simply lovely I say. In fact, I think the 128 is even more "silky" than 220.

Do not forget that I have a surprise coming along. I might even have some pictures of it/them in the next week or so. Well, that is if I can buckle down and get another pair of clogs finished.


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