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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Orange & blue, soon to be felted, CLOGS

Boy B's clogs are finished (actually completed on Sunday evening). Boy A's is on the needles and I didn't knit on Monday at all. I have not knitted yet today either. Work was gruesome today. Fighting a dilly of a headache and waves of nausea (no, mom, I'm not pregnant), but settled down in front of the 'puter with a hot cup of green tea from this new member of our kitchen. She's a beaute.

Dear Husband started his plan with the ploy that he knew what he was going to get ME for Christmas. (typically he is good at keeping these sorts of things a secret, but within minutes of mentioning that, he just came out and told me). Days go by and he's spending time looking up info online and talking more about this gizmo. The final step to his plan was to contact my mom to put her on this shopping mission: Go to Kohl's on this certain day because they're on sale, PLUS you get a free George Forman Grill (incidentally we have the gy-normous Forman grill now)...WAIT, there's more! Because if you go on this certain'll get a senior citizen's discount too!

The shopping trip did not go off without a hitch, but the shortest version of the story is my mom and son-in-law talked back and forth and got all that they had planned. Mom quickly figured out that this would be DH's Christmas gift.

Clearly, this was his master plan. Not to get the gift for me for Christmas but to build it up enough that we all agree on how much we need it. Frankly it makes a damn good cup of coffee, latte, cappiccino and tea. I am not too proud to admit that.

Knitting content with pictures to return tomorrow.

P.S. anyone gone to one of these "knock-off purse" parties? My sister invited me to join her and mom to one of said parties and all three of us acquired something new. I got a Tommy Hilfiger satchel-type bag that is not so large it takes over the world, but large enough to carry my purse contents and some knitting (usually my sock-in-progress). It eliminates my daily carrying of purse, bag, and lunch bag to work. NICE.


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