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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm not dead

Just no time to blog these days. I have been spending more and more time on Ravelry instead of blogging like a good little blogger. I also have been knitting. Oh, and since I received an iPod for Christmas, I've been listening to knitting podcasts, which lead me to all of these other cool blogs and sites and in turn get me into wanting to knit something new and different. There is also these little things called being a mom of twins, a full-time job, volunteering for church and well...anything else you can come up with.

I foolishly signed up for Summer of Socks 2008 just for, well, fun. I certainly love knitting socks, but am continuously amazed with the speed in which other bloggers crank these things out! I am lucky to get one done in under six months. I do concede, to myself, that I am doing other knitting as well. The current sock on the needles goes with me and I rarely knit on it when home during "real knitting time." However, I still want to beat myself up over how quickly others can finish a pair. Ultimately I would like to have Summer of Socks 2008 be an inspiration for trying something new. The first pair that I stepped out of my comfort zone were a bust. The Broadripple pattern, which I love, were way to small and since I would run out of yarn if I adjusted the size by either adding a repeat or changing needles, I frogged. I loved the pattern it was developing, though, so maybe Summer of Socks 2008 will help me along trying something new.


At 7:09 AM, Blogger Ewe-niss said...

Hi, Jenifer!

Welcome back :-) I think Ravelry has made it harder to post too :-) Good luck with your socks! You know, I have made many pairs of socks, and yet they are always the plain socks. When i want to venture onto something different - I find that I like the pretty patterns, but in reality, I wouldn't want to wear socks with lacy holes in them. I would only want to look at them. Maybe I will venture on to a different pattern too and just try it.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Monkee Maker said...

Hi Jenifer,

Thanks for your comment :)

007 is reverse stocking stitch, but it may be difficult to tell in black knit. I do the mouth, hands and feet with the knit side facing as I prefer it that way.

Good luck with the monkey you have cast on, but be warned .... they're addictive - once you've made one you won't be able to stop!


ps. I was mentioned on a podcast?? Cool! (I hope!)


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