Knitting Paragon

KNITTING: to make a fabric by looping yarn together with special needles. PARAGON: a model of perfection or excellence.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

As a mother of twins, I often wonder how things are done in singles. Often people freak when they hear we have twins and someone said, during the pregnancy that two will be SO MUCH more expensive than one. I decided a while back that quite the opposite is true. When they were very little one jar of baby food could be split between them and I never had little yucky bottles oozing indescribable cuisine in the frige. Now that they're older, splitting meals at restaurants works out beautifully. I had the pleasure of seeing a little family ordering food for their twin girls. One kids meal did it and voila! everyone is happy.

I whipped these little gems up over the weekend. I won't say directly whom they are for, but hopefully the mother-to-be will enjoy seeing her apples of her eye in these little hats. Gotta go, have more darling little hats to make!


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